About Us

SwabMeNow is a team of young and passionate medical workers and our goal is to provide comfortable mobile COVID-19 testing services for everyone.  Our new company is the first mobile COVID-19 testing service in Los Angles and near areas. SwabMeNow is equipped with latest testing kits that provides accurate COVID-19 testing results.

We are learning more about how the disease spreads, and supporting state, local, tribal and territorial governments on the front lines of public health through our medical testing kit.

Our History

SwabMeNow came in existence when a flaw in providing COVID-19 testing services was noticed. The traditional testing services took days for people get their results and the process made them prone to the virus even more. Developing kits for faster COVID-19 testing was a task that our team carried out perfectly and our accurate results are a proof of this accomplishment. We are all set to launch in Los Angeles and its vicinity with full force!

Mission Statement

SwabMeNow aims at being the #1 COVID-19 testing service in America. We want to give relief to all the residents by providing rapid COVID-19 testing services at your home, hotel or event and do it in under 13 minutes.


  • Over a thousand satisfied customers.
  • Fastest COVID-19 testing service in the US (Under 13 minutes).
  • Recognized by top doctors all over the world.
  • Over a hundred patients tested in a day which showcases our capabilities as a team.
  • Our highly trained staff and qualified doctors are monitored by board of certified physicians.