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Our covid testing service is one of the best in all of America with accurate results in under 13 minutes and at ease of your home, office or event!

Medical Staff

With years of experience, our medical staff is filled with finest workers who aim to provide customers with pain free corona checkups.

Qualified Doctors

Top rated doctors are included in our team with extensive knowledge regarding corona to provide you with precise checkups and reports swiftly!

Why Choose Us ?

The fact we are the first mobile rapid covid testing company in los angeles “….all of our stuff is highly trained and monitored by board certified physician…

Professionals at your service

With one easy booking, our team of professionals will be at your door
step and start with the rapid corona testing process.

Accurate Results Always

With a upto 99% accuracy rate, we are the most reliable mobile corona
testing service.

The doctor behind the name 

Dr. Brittany Brinley, Los Angeles based Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

Mobile Testing

Interested in our covid 19 testing services? Just pick up the phone to chat with a member of our team or book online to get tested at your door step.

Unmatchable Speed

Our speed is unmatchable as we provide corona test results in just 13 MINUTES.

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We bring testing to your home, event or business.

Are you ready for Swab Me Now? We are a mobile company that provides individual and group testing for your employees, staff, guests, or clients. We can administer hundreds of tests in a day, schedule recurring visits, and offer flexible pricing depending on quantity.

Who should consider using Swab Me Now?
Going on a first date? Why not know you’re both safe to hang out as you wish!
Wedding day coming up? Mingle with your friends safely and without fear of being exposed to the coronavirus.
Need more employees in the office? Check them before they enter so that everyone can focus on what really matters at work.
Want to visit an elderly loved one? Do so without worry or regret!

Rapid Antigen Test

This test is to determine whether or not you are actively infected with the virus. The rapid COVID-19 antigen test detects specific proteins that are bound to the virus. Using a nasal swab to obtain a sample, antigen tests can produce accurate in minutes. No need to run the sample to a lab or wait days for the result. Swab me now gets you results immediately.

Rapid Antibody Test

This COVID-19 antibody test only requires 15 minutes to check if you’ve been exposed to Coronavirus and have developed immunity. A small finger-prick is used to gather your blood sample to test for antibodies against COVID-19 so that you will know if you’ve been exposed in the past.

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Individual & Group Discount Pricing

Automatic group discounts are applied to groups of 2 or more groups for all COVID-19 tests

and 4 or more people reach us out for further discount

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Number of People

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Discount %

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  • $150
  • $135(pp)

Rapid Antigen

  • $199
  • $179(pp)

Avoid Close Contact

Covid can spread from people that show no symptoms of the virus. People at higher risk of getting sick, like children and the elderly, should avoid face to face contact. It is suggested for everyone to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other people.

Don't Touch Your Face

Covid can get into your body through eyes, nose and mouth. It is estimated that we touch our faces 23 times per hour. When you touch your face, the germs on your hands are transmitted to your mucous membranes and cause infections, including COVID-19 infections. It is better to keep your hands busy and wear a face mask to avoid the disease.

Wash Your Hands

Always clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol based rub when

  • You get in contact with an infected person or their surroundings.
  • Preparing food.
  • Using the toilet.

Antibody Test FAQ’s

Antibody tests can help reveal past exposure by detecting antibodies in the blood, which are produced in response to a specific infection like COVID-19. Read more about COVID-19 on the CDC’s website.
One of our highly trained healthcare personnel
Testing positive indicates that you have likely had contact with COVID-19 in the past, even if you never showed any symptoms or have already recovered. Antibody testing should not be used for diagnosis or infection status.
Testing negative for antibodies indicates that you are unlikely to have been infected with COVID-19 in the past.
Testing positive for antibodies indicates that you have likely contracted COVID-19 in the past.
Testing positive for antibodies indicates that you have likely contracted COVID-19 in the past.

Antigen Test FAQ’s

An antigen test can quickly determine if you have the virus and need to self-quarantine.
You will generally receive the results of your antigen test within 13 minutes.
COVID-19 antigen tests are very accurate when they return positive results. However, this test does have a higher rate of returning false negatives than the PCR nasal swab test, which is sent to a lab for processing.


The SwabMeNow team on ground is providing excellent health services to people all over Los Angeles and aims at expanding worldwide. Here are some snapshots of how our team works.


Our staff includes qualified doctors and nurses who have passion for serving for people and are always working on creating better experiences in this time of a pandemic.     

Dr Ricky Doe

Assistant Surgeon

Dr Ricky Doe

Assistant Surgeon

Dr Ricky Doe

Assistant Surgeon

Dr Ricky Doe

Assistant Surgeon

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